Vista & XP Profile Directory Locations 
The easiest way to access your profile on Windows is to use the environment variable %appdata%. (command run %appdata%).

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Solaris 10 a příkazy chown, chgrp 


Příkaz 'chown' pro a převedení vlastníka souboru na jiného může být proveden jen pod uživatelem 'root'. Běžnému uživatel může být použití příkazu chown povoleno tak, že v soubotu /etc/system bude nastaven parametr 'set rstchown=0'. Toto chování je však standardně v systému Solaris vypnuto.

Příkaz 'chgrp' může být spuštěn běžným uživatelem a vždy je povoleno převést vlastnictví souboru (skupina) na slupinu, jíž je uživatel členem. Toto může je využito ke sdílení souborů v rámci práv skupiny. Člen skupiny však nemůže změnit vlastníka (pokud toto není explicitně povoleno v /etc/system). Pokud uživatelé chtějí měnit skupinu, ke které sounor náleží na skupinu, které nejsou členem, pak je toto chování opět nestandardní a v systému může být povoleno nastavením 'set rstchown=0' v souboru /etc/system.

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UNIX find command examples 
find all the text files and change their permission to -rw-rw----

find . -name *.txt | xargs chmod 660

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Nahlížení do katastru nemovistostí

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cat <<  
# cat << STRING
> this is a string
> i need to print out
> on three lines
this is a string
i need to print out
on three lines

in a script snippet

cat > /tmp/2file << EOF
this is a string
i need to print out
on three lines


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Virtual Midi Cables / Free PC Audio Recording Tool 

The Maple virtual midi cable is a midi driver for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista that can connect any midi applications on your system.


Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

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Sun's directory server tools (resource kit) examples 
ssl ldap search without a base (eg. to get a base):

$ ldapsearch -h servername -p port_number -b "" \
-s base -D "uid=proxy" -Z -P /opt/DSRK6.3/etc/cert7.db \
-K /opt/DSRK6.3/etc/key3.d objectclass=* \
| grep ldap:

netscapemdsuffix: cn=ldap://dc=servername,dc=some_ds,dc=some_dc:389

-h [server name]

-p [server port]


-b [base name]


-s [Specify the scope of a search. The scope parameter
may have one of the following values:

# base - For searching only the base entry.
# one - For searching only the children of the base entry.
# sub - For searching the base entry and all its descendants (default)]


-D [account which performs a search]


-w [password for the account]


-Z [make an SSL-encrypted connection]

-P [path to cert]


-K [path to key]


-v [run in verbose mode (diagnostics to standard output)]

-T [don't fold (wrap) long lines (default is to fold)]

-e [minimize base-64 encoding of values]

-1 [omit leading "version: 1" line in LDIF output]

[filter expression]


[which fields values]

"uid cn uidNumber gidNumber homeDirectory loginShell"

ssl ldap modify

cat > /tmp/change_shell

dn: uid=username,ou=people,ou=Common,l=***,c=***,o=***
changetype: modify
replace: loginShell
loginShell: /bin/bash


ldapmodify -h servername -p ssl_port_number -D uid=some_user_or_proxy,ou=***,l=***,c=***,o=***k -w password \
-Z -P <certs-dir> -K <certs-dir> -f /tmp/change_shell

*A DN is typically composed of an ordered set of attribute type/attribute value pairs. Most DNs are composed of pairs in the following order:

* common name (cn)
* organization (o) or organizational unit (ou)
* country (c)

The following string-type attributes represent the set of standardized attribute types for accessing an LDAP directory. A DN can be composed of attributes with an LDAP syntax of Directory String, including the following:

* CN - CommonName
* L - LocalityName
* ST - StateOrProvinceName
* O - OrganizationName
* OU - OrganizationalUnitName
* C - CountryName
* STREET - StreetAddress

*(from IBM: ... gref11.htm)

syntax explained in more detail:

linux ldap basics (Czech)

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How to change LOCALE setting for Linux system 
edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n



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Will raid 0 setup outperform a single disk? ( raid 0 vs. single disk ) 
It seems, the almost identical performance between the RAID-0 and single drive setups indicates the raid 0 is not worth the price of the new disk. The nice test data are here and some a bit unbiased discussion is here. As the Raptors are currently really fast (but a noisy drives), people have tested them already in raid 0 configuration and it seems no radical performance boost at all with the raid setup.

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Track-IR flight sim 

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